The students of the Our College are encouraged to participate in various extra-curricular activities like social meetings, literary society, recitation contests, seminars, debates, paper reading and educational excursions. Our College has excellent facilities for a number of indoor and outdoor games. It is very well known in the country for its achievements in sports and games, and has produced a number of players of national level It organizes athletic meets and inter-collegiate sports activities like, volleyball, basketball, hockey, etc.

At first glance, college applications seem easy enough. You give the basic facts about your background, education, and achievements. However, one section that stumps many students is the section for extracurricular activities.

Most students simply create chronological lists of their extracurricular accomplishments. Big mistake! This is a section where you can really set yourself apart from other applicants by employing a little strategy. Anyone can be a member of the Key Club.

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