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At the outset of examination. it should be the earnest endeavour of students to strive for academic excellence. it reminds me of the words.

"The disciple must have great power of endurance. Life seems comfortable; and you find the mind behaves well when everything is going well with you. But if something goes wrong, your mind loses its balance. That is not good. Bear all evil and misery without one murmur of hurt, without one thought of unhappiness, resistance, remedy, or retaliation. That is true endurance; and that you must acquire"

I wish all the students to excell in the examinations, so join us with proud and faith. We assure you that your firsts step in the college will be a long jump in the world of success.



Dr. J.M.S College has quickly got reputation among both students and other sanskrit colleges in India. The institute offers best of the programs in business management which have got global recognition among a number of recruiter organizations in and outside the country.

World Class Infrastructure

J.M.S is counted amongst the best colleges of Bihar, India. The college is well-equipped with world class facilities and highly experience staff and learned faculty members from academics and industry. Our faculties and staff have extensive travel experience that helped them learn from various. We have imbibed the best practices so that we can give a solid foundation for learning.


As part of the process, J.M.S College has come up with an infrastructure that is equipped with smooth running of the operations and also with facilities that are directly and indirectly associated with the education and career development. The libraries at our campus are equipped with a large number of books on business management and associated items. The J.M.S College labs help students in experimenting and bring to practice what they have learnt in theory.


We have got a pool of knowledge in the form of faculties. Our knowledge pool comprises of leading corporate professionals, as guest faculty who share their industry experience and our own college faculties who are highly qualified in the field and have year of experience in teaching professionals.

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